The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a state-funded free preschool program for qualifying 4 year old children. Children can qualify for the program if the family income is within the guidelines and if they are 4 years old by December 1st. GSRP children attend class Monday through Thursday, meals and snacks are provided by the program. The classroom ratio is 8 to 1 and there are two teachers in each classroom who have degrees within the field of early childhood. We have a strong partnership with our families and use this to create the best possible preschool experience for children.

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All children develop at their own pace but below you will find a list of developmental milestones that we see in the GSRP classroom.

Language and Cognitive Milestone

4 and 5 year old children are better able to carry on conversations. Their vocabulary is growing and so is their thought process. You will find that your child is better able to think logically and be more successful at controlling their emotions.

Most children enjoy singing, rhyming and making up words. They are very energetic and silly.

Language and Cognitive Milestone

4 and 5 year old children learn their large motor skills through play and they should be running, hopping, throwing kicking balls and climbing with ease.

They are also practicing their fine motor skills such as cutting, using eating utensils, drawing a person, building with blocks and copying shapes

Language and Cognitive Milestone

4 and 5 year old children are figuring out that it is not always about him or her and becoming less self-centered. They are starting to understand about other people’s feelings and should be more capable of working through conflicts as well as expressing their emotions with words.


The GSRP program uses the HighScope Curriculum. The HighScope curriculum is a developmentally appropriate approach that is child centered and promotes active learning. The use of learning centers, active learning and the plan-do-review cycle, as well as allowing children to progress at their own pace, provides for children’s individual and special needs. If you would like some more details about our curriculum, please click the button below.

Items Needed


3 Extra Outfits


3 Pairs of Socks




Snowsuit of Snowpants






Hats & Gloves





Sample Schedule

8:30 Arrival

8:30-8:50 Sign In/Greeting

8:50-9:10 Small Group

9:10-9:25 Large Group

9:25-9:45 Wash Hands/Snack

9:45-9:55 Planning

9:55-10:55 Work Time

10:55-11:05 Clean Up

11:05-11:15 Recall

11:15-12:00 Outside Time

12:00-12:30 Wash Hands/Lunch

12:30-12:50 Brush Teeth/Bathroom

12:50-1:50 Rest Time

1:50-2:00 Bathroom

2:00-3:00 Outside

3:00-3:20 Wash Hands/Snack

3:20-3:30 Large Group

3:30 Dismissal



Our program is Monday-Thursday but we do provide Friday childcare and before and aftercare as well.

Blanket, comfort item, extra clothes, and weather appropriate outdoor wear.

Each classroom establishes a consistent schedule that they follow each day depending on the needs of the children. Each classroom will have Morning Message, Small Group, Work time, Large Group, and Outside Time. Our schedule also allows two snack times, lunch, and a rest time.

No. We do ask that they do a quiet activity such as reading or puzzles to allow their bodies to rest during our busy day.

We use High Scope as our curriculum and Ages and Stages/COR as our assessment tools. High scope is a play based curriculum that integrates all the skills needed for Kindergarten in our Morning Message, Work time, and small/large groups.

We establish lesson plans each day to incorporate Math, Language, Science, Creative Arts, and more with hands on experiences!

Yes! We go outside everyday weather permitted twice a day!

Yes! We either bring in an on-site visitor or go on a field trip every month! You are also welcome to join us as well.

We encourage all family to volunteer in the classroom. This is not limited to just visiting in the classroom. You can donate needed items, share hobbies or culture, share items from your home life, volunteer on a field trip, help with teacher tasks, or help build our playground.

The children each have their own cots and we spread them out around the classroom, giving each child their own space, with room in between each cot.

Children can bring a small blanket / pillow and/or a small stuffed animal or the week in their individual Nap bin and send them home on Thursday (end of week) to be washed and brought back for the next week.

Our lunch menu is full of main items and choices with a variety of tastes, textures, colors, etc. and always served with a vegetable & fruit, along with milk. Our Family-Style seating (teachers and children together) is helpful with encouraging children to try new items and everyone eating the same things. Children serve their own portions and pour their own drinks, which makes meal time exciting and they feel more invested in their choices.

Also, we serve a healthy morning & afternoon snack, which is complete with 2 of the 4 food groups. Children are offered food approximately every 2-3 hours while in our care.

We “do” letters and numbers ALL DAY LONG in our classrooms with activities, small group times, large group times, inside / outside, during our Morning Meeting and Greeting Times, Work Time as well as displaying many words and

pictures throughout our classroom. Children choose their Letter Link symbol which begins their reading by recognizing common items associated with their name and their classmates’ names. All their bins and hooks and folders are labeled with their symbol and name and it becomes part of all our routines. As the year goes on, we increase our exposure and use of letters and numbers, and gear it to each child’s individual ability and progress


We believe children are LEARNING all day long through their interactions with other children, adults, and with the toys and items they manipulate. As teachers, we intentionally plan activities which peak children’s interest and help them learn new things, expand their minds, and grow with their bodies. We encourage language and vocabulary through meaningful interactions and conversations with children, also by helping them interact appropriately with one another. Through our Daily Routine of Large Group times, Small Group times, Inside / Outside play, books, writing items, meal times, Rest Time, etc, etc, children and learning and growing … and PLAYING (having fun) along the way!

What Our Families are Saying

“The staff in the infant room at Heartfelt Impressions is one of a kind. They make my daughter feel like she’s right at home. They read to her, interact with her through music and play, and love her as if she was their own. When I leave her in the morning, I know she is in the best of hands and that she is going to have an amazing day.”
“We couldn’t be happier about the choice we made to send our infant and 4-year-old daughters to Heartfelt Impressions!”
“We are so happy with our experience at Heartfelt Impressions. We researched 25 local child care providers, touring 8. What sold us on Heartfelt was that they interact with the babies on a very personal level, as if each is their own.”
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